• Bangkok's best coffee roasters

Ekameth “Tay” Witvasutti

Roaster’s choice: House blend, B800/kg
They say: “Our concept for this blend was to showcase impressive Thai coffee. It’s a blend of beans from Mae Tang and Chomthong in Chiang Mai. Both are certified organic. Our secret roasting techniques ensure rounded flavors, full body, acidity, and a perfect aftertaste.”
Available at: One Ounce for Onion, 19/12 Ekkamai Soi 12, 02-116-6076
Garin “Bret” Asavaroengchai

2. Ceresia

Roaster’s choice: Finca Santa Isabel, Guatemala, B680/250 grams, at Ceresia
They say: “These beans are 100 percent hand-picked. The farm uses mill processing where the depulping takes place on the very same day the coffee is harvested. The fermentation process takes about 16 hours, and after washing the coffee beans with clean water, the beans are soaked overnight and then sun dried. As a result, Finca Santa Isabel is exceptionally sweet, chocolaty, full bodied and has a long aftertaste.”
Available at: Ceresia, Sukhumvit Soi 33/1, 086-843-8235
Chatree Treelertkul

3. Pacamara

Roaster’s choice: House blend, B800/kg, at Pacamara
They say: “We sourced the Arabica beans from Guatemala, Brazil and Indonesia and blended them with our proud Thai Arabica beans from Doi Chang, Chiang Rai. You will sense the smoothness and a real balance of flavors. Our house blend also won a gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting in Italy in 2012.”
Available at: Pacamara, 2/F, Rainhill, Sukhumvit Soi 47, 02-261-7830
Korn Sangvankeaw

4. Roots

Roaster’s choice: Ethiopia Sidama Schilicho, B400/250g
They say: “This has the character we have all come to love from naturally processed Ethiopian beans—very fruit forward and rich. You’ll get tastes of blueberry, cucumber and a rounded acidity. It’s best recommended for French press—18-19 grams of coffee with 260-270 grams of water for four minutes. Now, we really cannot wait for the new 2014 crop of Ethiopian, coming in very soon.”
Available at: Roots, Between Ekkamai Sois 13 and 15 088-190-5950



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