Ekkamai最近開了一堆咖啡廳,就像是台灣大街小巷都能看到飲料店一樣,其中讓我最愛的是這間Nikko Café,這家咖啡廳的賣點就是舒適的環境,大片的落地窗彩進屋內,無論你是待在戶內或戶外,整個都是FEEL,餐廳有不小,適合麻吉打屁聊天或者把妹的好地方~Ekkamai Soi 12



The buzz: Owned by a group of fresh graduates, the new Japanese-inspired Nikko Café is set up as a welcoming meeting spot with its wide-ranging drinks list spanning coffee, cocktails and craft beer; while the food focus is on simple appetizers and single dishes.


The décor: Hidden down Ekkamai Soi 12, this wood-dominated two-story venue has all the feeling of a comfy home office, with the added bonus of a large outdoors. Upstairs is split into a tiny, quiet library-like air-con room and an open-air terrace for hanging out or smoking shisha. The bar runs at the front, while outside bean bags sit beneath a tree wrapped with lights.


The food: Sit and snack on the fried dried shrimp (B220), chicken karage (B140) or the healthy green salad served with mayo dressing and clams (B120). Those a little more hungry can opt for the stir-fried yaki udon pork (B200) or khao kai khon gung (rice with Thai omelet with shrimps, B130).


The drinks: Nikko is more suited to enjoying an easy drink or three. The barista comes from the popular Chan Nueng Cafe & Beds in Chiang Mai that’s renowned for its coffee, while the owners are particularly proud of their “different” strawberry frappe (B135) and refreshing Thai lemon tea (B95). There’s also more than ten different kinds of matcha, ranging from traditional (B110) to matcha with red beans (B165). Don’t forget to sample the coffee (starting from B70). There are about eight labels of wine with prices ranging from B200-B220 by the glass. Beers are Hitachino (B230-B240), with a variety of cocktails at B240 and Gryphon Tea at B220 a pot.


The crowds: Those looking to work quietly on their laptop and cute girl gangs hanging out.

Nikko Café  



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