Nightlife guru Ashley Sutton’s themed bars range from the orientalist fantasy of Maggie Choo’s to the Dickensian magic of Iron Fairies. His latest creation has a back story that conjures up 1940s America mixing pin-up girls and shiny chrome bombs of all sizes. The highlight has to be the particularly large weapon of mass destruction hanging in the middle of the space that’s large enough for a living, breathing 50s-groomed beauty to straddle. Cocktails by mixologist Joseph Boroski are designed to match the Allied Forces vibe with names like Kickapoo Joy Juice. There’s also a full food menu featuring dishes like flank steak with fire roasted peprs, portobello mushrooms, pesto and demiglace.

F, Holiday Inn, Sukhumvit Soi 22, 02-663-4223, open daily 6pm-1am

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