Big Mountain  



每年都邀請泰國許多獨立樂團瘋狂今年的外國樂團有Austra (UK), Bombi (Japan), Cells (Laos), Kakato (Japan) and reggae DJ Prince Fatty (UK).



Fed up with all the rain? Well at least you can start looking forward to the return of winter and more importantly the return of the out of town music festivals. First up is the biggest of them all, with Big Mountain officially announcing that it will take place on Dec 7-8 and remains at Bonanza in Khao Yai. Aside from the host of local artists already slated to play the organizers will also be bringing over a slightly random assortment of inter indie bands including Austra (UK), Bombi (Japan), Cells (Laos), Kakato (Japan) and reggae DJ Prince Fatty (UK). Tickets are now available at B1,900 (for two days pass) from Thaiticketmajor. If you prefer a more folky, experimental vibe to your festival tunes then the next weekend the Panda Record crew have confirmed the third Stone Free Music Festival will take place on Dec 14. They’ve still to confirm a lineup or a location yet but have teased that they might host the event on an island this time around. Save the dates and stay tuned for more updates.

Stone Free Music Festival  

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